About us

VALORISMARKET is an accompaniment program for local producers. With a Valorismarket e-commerce platform, it is based on several architectures in the business strategy, namely:

·         A B2C (business TO customers) architecture: allowing you to sell an item directly to a consumer. In this context it is a question of promoting mass sales for each supplier. The platform forms is customized for each supplier according to its own target

·         A B2B architecture in which we encourage resellers to market local products through several strategies depending on each supplier

The accompanying program is based on suppliers and we distinguish two support programs: PROGRAM FULL OPTION (PFO) and PROGRAM MEDIUM OPTION (PMO)


In program we have accompaniments that can go as far as project financing. A PFO consists of:

·         The Marketing-oriented supplier business card edition

·         The Edition of a business model

·         Designing a logo

·         Development of marketing strategy

·         Development of communication strategy

·         Dedicated Manager

·         Dedicated infographic service

On Valorismarket, you can set up your own online shop and start selling your products throughout Cameroon with our marketing and logistics expertise.

Why sell on Valorismarket

You cannot sell fake items, counterfeits or illegal items. All items you sell must be completely new and in perfect condition (products and packaging

NB: all your products must be local i.e. made in Cameroon